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Privacy Statement

The effective date of this privacy statement is May 25, 2018.


Although users are not required to provide any information in order to use the Marshall Denning website, Marshall Denning does collect personally identifiable information from users as described in this privacy statement. Marshall Denning also collects personally identifiable information through ongoing sales and marketing activities. Personally identifiable information consists of information that identifies or is identifiable with a natural person. Marshall Denning only collects personally identifiable information that is voluntarily provided by users or other individuals. This includes names, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, cookie information as described below, IP addresses, and employment/education information as described below.


Marshall Denning uses collected information to enhance the operation of the Marshall Denning website and improve user experience. Marshall Denning will also use collected information to contact users or other individuals about business opportunities they may be interested in. There are different rules for information that Marshall Denning collects when users apply for jobs with Marshall Denning through the Marshall Denning website. This includes information entered in job application forms and contained in resumes sent to Marshall Denning. Marshall Denning uses this information only in ways consistent with the employment application process. This includes, but is not limited to, reviewing the qualifications of the applicant, creating and administering an applicant profile, verifying references, collecting feedback on the application process or contacting applicants about other job openings or opportunities. Marshall Denning will not rent, share, sell or distribute any collected information to third parties, except as otherwise described in this statement. Marshall Denning may disclose collected information with appropriate parties when Marshall Denning, in its sole discretion, deems such disclosure necessary to comply with a legal requirement.


By using this website, the user consents to Marshall Denning’s collection, storage and use of information in accordance with this privacy statement. If you do not wish to have your information collected, stored or used by Marshall Denning as described in this privacy statement, you may withdraw your consent by contacting privacy@Marshall


Marshall Denning collects certain information through the use of cookies. A cookie is a small file that is placed on the user’s hard drive. The user’s browser will generally add information to this file regarding the user’s activity on a given website. Marshall Denning can then access this information to enhance the user’s experience on Marshall Denning’s website. Marshall Denning collects information related to user sessions/engagement and interactions with the website through Google Analytics, a third-party application. This information is used to enhance the operation of the Marshall Denning website and improve user experience and not for any other purpose.


Users or individuals in the European Union may exercise certain rights with regard to the information collected by Marshall Denning as described in this privacy statement. This includes the rights of users in the European Union to (1) access to their personally identifiable information, (2) in certain instances, rectification or erasure of their personally identifiable information, (3) in certain instances, restriction of the ways in which Marshall Denning is using their personally identifiable information, or object to the ways in which Marshall Denning is using your personally identifiable information, and (4) in certain instances, to have Marshall Denning transfer your personally identifiable information to another entity or organization that you specify. To exercise any of these rights, please contact

If you are a California resident, you have the right, subject to certain exceptions defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA") and other applicable laws and regulations, to request UnitedLex disclose certain information to you about our collection and use of your personal information over the past twelve months. If you would like to exercise your rights to make an information access request or a deletion request, please see the Contact section below, or telephone us toll-free at 866-679-0784. In order to verify your request, you will need to provide your legal first and last name, email address you use to correspond with UnitedLex, your relationship to UnitedLex, and the state you currently reside in.

If you authorize an agent to make a request on your behalf, they may reach UnitedLex according to the "Contact" section below, or telephone us toll-free at 866-679-0784. Please be advised that the authorised agent will need to submit documentation evidencing your authorization of this agent to make the request, as well as verify your and their identities with UnitedLex.


Users or individuals in the European Union have the right to lodge complaints or concerns regarding the ways and purposes for which Marshall Denning is using your personal identifiable information. These complaints or concerns can be raised to the Marshall Denning privacy team by sending an email with a description of your complaint or concern to privacy@Marshall Users or individuals also have a right to raise these complaints or concerns with the supervisory authority responsible for overseeing data privacy law compliance in the country in which such users reside or work.


Marshall Denning takes reasonable steps to ensure that personally identifiable information is retained only for as long as it is needed for the purposes described in this privacy statement, unless applicable law requires a longer retention period.


This privacy policy only applies to Marshall Denning’s website. Marshall Denning may link to third-party websites but makes no guarantees as to the privacy, functionality or accuracy of any third-party website. Marshall Denning encourages users to review the privacy policies or statements of any website they visit.


Certain web browsers may give the user the ability to utilize a “do not track” setting that communicates with the websites the user visits. Marshall Denning does not currently respond to “do not track” signals, but this privacy statement will be amended if Marshall Denning chooses to do so in the future.


Marshall Denning collects personally identifiable user information from its website as described in this privacy statement. No other parties collect information when users access Marshall Denning’s website. However, Marshall Denning cannot make guarantees as to the collection policies of third-party websites. Users should be aware that Marshall Denning utilizes third-party websites to facilitate its job application function. This is the case when users apply for jobs with Marshall Denning and Marshall Denning Professional Services. Therefore, Marshall Denning cannot make any guarantees as to the collection policies of the third parties that facilitate the job application process. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policies of those third-party websites before providing any personal information. Marshall Denning utilizes ATSOnDemand for Marshall Denning job applications, and the ATSOnDemand privacy policy is located at Marshall Denning utilizes Bullhorn Reach for applications to Marshall Denning Professional Services, and the Bullhorn Reach privacy policy is located at However, Marshall Denning treats information that it receives pursuant to the job application process as described in the “Usage of Information” section of this statement.


This privacy statement is subject to change at the sole discretion of Marshall Denning. It is suggested that users and individuals periodically revisit this page to familiarize themselves with the policy and be informed of any changes. A change in the effective date is a potential indicator that portions of the statement may have been amended.


Marshall Denning takes children’s privacy rights seriously and adamantly supports the Children’s Online Privacy Act of 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation. Marshall Denning’s website is not directed or targeted at children under the age of 13. Additionally, Marshall Denning does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13.


Marshall Denning is committed to the very highest standards of professionalism, legal compliance, ethics, and integrity in the conduct of our business. This includes engaging with our suppliers to ensure that they share our high standards. As required by the United Kingdom’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”), this statement describes the steps which Marshall Denning has taken during the financial year ended 30 April 2018 and is implementing in the current financial year to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in any of our supply chains, or in any part of our own business.

Supply Chain Relationships

Our key suppliers are the businesses which help us to run our premises, such as our catering, cleaning, and security providers, or who supply us with the technology we need to deliver our services to our clients. We seek to develop long-term relationships with these first-tier suppliers and we avoid making demands of our suppliers that might lead to them violating human rights. All suppliers are screened prior to engagement for compliance with applicable law and regulation and expected to adhere to Marshall Denning’s written policies.


Our commitment to fair employment practices in relation to our own employees is embodied in our Vendor Management Policy and addressed in additional detail in our written policies. This provides information about how we approach our day-to-day activities and the principles in it are covered in inductions for new staff and reinforced through training. We endeavour to embed these standards in everything we do. We expect our suppliers to have fair employment practices too, and as part of our Vendor Management Policy, we evaluate all third-party supplier’s legal, regulatory, and compliance controls prior to entering an agreement. This encourages our suppliers to conduct their businesses ethically. A supplier’s compliance with these standards is an important factor in us deciding whether to form, continue or renew a relationship with them. Any supplier breach of those standards may result in us terminating our arrangements with the supplier.

As well as our own offices, we have close working relationships with various commercial partners across the world. Where we engage with those partners on behalf of a client (for example, as our subcontractor), we generally rely on our knowledge of the other organisation, their business, and professional reputation before proceeding. In some cases, we may ask that partner to sign up to contractual terms that include appropriate commitments to legally compliant, ethical and professional standards.


We offer both live and recorded training programmes for all staff to educate staff regarding our legal and ethical obligations and require all employees to review and agree to our code of conduct prior to beginning employment. In the current fiscal year, we have added vendor screening protocol designed to mitigate risks within supply chains, raise awareness of the issues, increase scrutiny, and inform key employees of the Act.

We try to identify risks to workers in our supply chain, by regularly refreshing the due diligence we carry out on our key suppliers before we engage them and through the ongoing supplier management processes we have in place. When selecting our suppliers, price is not our only driver. We are committed to buying quality products and services from ethical suppliers and part of measuring this involves assessing the approach a potential supplier takes to its people and the workers in its own supply chain.

Performance Indicators

We will require regular confirmation from our suppliers that they are meeting or exceeding the quality standards necessary for us to ensure we provide our clients premium quality services meeting the highest ethical standards, including confirming our suppliers approach to slavery and human trafficking. In addition, many of our contracts contain a right to audit or supervise work performed.
We encourage employees at every level to take an active role in our compliance with our legal and ethical obligations and encourage the prompt reporting of suspected unethical or illegal behaviour, as well as violations to our written policies.


Users or individuals are encouraged to contact with any questions or complaints regarding this statement or the collection, use and storage of personally identifiable information.

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A summary of Marshall Denning Limited’s diversity data is available here.